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Natural horsemanship

Group demonstrations and one on one lessons

For those who have little experience with horses, we can teach you basis horse handling and the basic principles of natural horsemanship.
Elena will show you how to come into contact with the horses and feel at ease around them. Spending time around these wonderful animals can feel like medicine for the soul!

If you are already a very experienced rider, you can also request a horse ride in the woods alongside Elena (not for beginners!).

For those who would like to take things a step further, it is possible to request horsemanship lessons with experience horse tamer John Hiam.  
He will guide you through the ABCs of starting with young horses and retraining older horses step by step. These lessons use predominantly ground skills with the horses, introducing techniques and concepts that you can then take with you for your riding work. You will get hands-on experience and also watch us work with different horses.
If you are an experienced rider or own your own horse and you have a particular issue with them, you can book a private session tailor-made specifically for you.

Courses can be structured to suit everyone – from the absolute beginner to the most experienced.

We will work with Casa Shakti’s lovely resident rescue horses in the finca’s extensive grounds and dedicated paddock area.

If you are particularly interested in making horses the focus of your holiday, we recommend visiting us during autumn or winter. During this period the days are cooler so you can spend most of the days outside, the island is quiet and beautiful and we have riding trails all to ourselves.