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YOGA with horseS


Sessions are with Elena, founder of Casa Shakti, yoga teacher and owner of the horses at Casa Shakti.

“My YOGA with HORSES sessions are an opportunity to learn something more about horses, have fun and interact with an animal that you might not have an opportunity to spend time with in your day-to-day life. 

Yoga means “union” and it’s a state that we reach by cultivating the habit of being “present”.  These sessions are my way of encouraging connection with the horse while being present and doing exercises that are beneficial to both.
We will create a space of peace and presence, using movements, touch & conscious breathing. 

During the sessions, I will also share useful information about how horses behave in nature and in a herd. This will help us to understand how they see and react to the world around them and make it easier and more natural to connect with them. 

Although these sessions are not meant as therapy, I really believe that when we spend time with horses, we also learn something about ourselves, and this can have great and unexpected therapeutic benefits. 

The sessions are always different and the outcome will vary depending on what you are carrying with you when entering the space of connection.”