Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreats

Our retreats are held in the fringe seasons when the island is less busy and hot and the energy perfectly complements this type of experience.  You don’t need to have done  yoga or meditation before to take part  – all levels are welcome


» 9-16 June  2019 – Dive deeper in your yogic journey – with Swami Shiva Shankar *ENDED*

      » 5-12 October 2019  – Chakra Vinyasa Yoga retreat – with Sija Speelman

» 28 Sep – 05 Oct 2019 – From movement to inner silence – with Elena

5-12 October  2019


Immerse yourself in an 8-day Yoga Retreat in the North of magical Ibiza. You will stay in a beautiful authentic Spanish homestead surrounded by nature.
During this retreat, we will practice Yoga every morning with a breathtaking view of green hills and the ocean. With the sound of the waves and the birds, we will flow through the chakras. Chakra Vinyasa Yoga is a practice that will open up the energy centers in your body and liberate your system. From the root chakra connecting you with the earth, allowing you to become grounded and more conscious of your own body, to the crown chakra connecting you with your higher self and divine energy.

This journey through the chakras has a deep and positive effect on your system. Physically, you gain strength, flexibility and relaxation; mentally, your mind becomes clearer and more peaceful; energetically your system becomes balanced and psychologically you will become more conscious and gain insight into yourself.
Starting your day with a Chakra Vinyasa Practice will make you more mindful and open to experiencing the loving energy of Ibiza for the rest of the day. After a delicious and healthy brunch, you have the opportunity to explore the island.
Casa Shakti is surrounded by idyllic and quiet beaches; hiking trails in nature and the island’s most famous hippy market is walking distance.

We organize, coordinate and are present at each retreat to make sure everything runs smoothly and you are well taken care of.
Our retreats are open to all levels and you don’t need to have experience with either yoga or meditation to participate.

Sija is a certified Yoga Teacher (250 hr) and Dance Therapist from the Netherlands. Since 2000 she has been teaching dance in different styles, like jazz, modern and salsa. After receiving her Research Master’s degree in Psychology, she was able to combine this knowledge and passion for dance in studying Dance and Movement therapy (DMT). Since 2012 she has had the opportunity to give sessions in DMT. ‘It is a great gift to observe how people open up and envelop more and more the person that they truly are by moving in a mindful way’.

It was during her travels in Costa Rica, first in 2009, that she discovered the transformative power of Yoga. A loving nature, warm people and different teachers gave her the opportunity to grow in love, compassion and acceptance. To her yoga is not only a physical and mental but also a spiritual practice. It allows you to gain strength, flexibility and relaxation, but also gives the possibility to connect to your body, become sensitive to your inner world and to open your heart.

After her Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (200hr certified) with Angela Boltz in Costa Rica in the beginning of 2014, she has been teaching yoga in Costa Rica at different studio’s, in Amsterdam and finally started her own company in Meppel, the Netherlands.  Through the years she specialized in Vinyasa Flow, Prana Flow, Yoga (Trance) Dance (both Teacher Trainings by Shiva Rea), Chakra Yoga and Kundalini Yoga Coaching Level 1. From her trainings and knowledge she developed her own methods in Dance Meditation, Yoga Dance, Chakra Vinyasa Yoga and Essential Yoga Flow to serve the human being holistically; to balance and gain consciousness physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and energetically.

During Sija’s teaching you will experience a safe environment in which you can explore and have the opportunity to grow personally and spiritually and in which you are invited to be the authentic person you are. She will differentiate in poses, in which you are invited to listen to and have respect for your own body and for yourself.

‘I am deeply grateful to be able to share my Yoga practice with others! Let’s Flow!’

Each day we will explore Chakra Vinyasa Yoga sequences to balance and liberate your system integrating chakra meditations, pranayama (breathing technique); mantra; mudra and yoga sequences in flow. We will also integrate movement meditations in free flow movement (sahaja yoga) to deepen your body consciousness and release tension in the body.
Every other day we will practice Chakra based meditations; guided meditations to deepen your practice.

Please download our PDF for full program details.


    What’s included:

    •  7 nights accomodation
    •  6 Chakra Vinyasa Yoga by Sija
    •  3 Chakra Meditations by Sija
    •  Yoga mat usage and blankets
    •   Healthy brunch
    •   Usage of the private pool
    •   Tips to enjoy the island
    •   Tea throughout the day

    What’s not included:

    • Flights
    • Airport transfers
    • Car or scooter rental (if you want to enjoy the island it might be nice to rent a car. You can also share a car).
      Ask Sija if you would like to do this.
    • Dinner

    Prices start from 799€.

    Please email us for prices and availability:

    Please read more about Casa Shakti here »

    12-19 October 2019

    FROM MOVEMENT TO INNER SILENCE with Elena Ravasi and Franziska Eisenberg

    Deepen your yoga practice and take time out for yourself on this rejuvenating, relaxing and blissful retreat 

    Join us for a 7-day journey of yoga practices in an enchanting villa in the north of Ibiza.
    Take a break from your daily routine, connect with nature and like-minded people and take the opportunity to deepen your yoga practice with uninterrupted time for yourself.

    Alongside the asana practice, we will learn about the chakras and how these energy channels affect the body and practice a number of pranayama techniques (breathing practices) to help us experience a state spontaneous inner silence.

    After a delicious, healthy brunch each day, you will have time for yourself to explore all the wonders that the island has to offer. Casa Shakti is surrounded by idyllic beaches; hiking trails in nature and Las Dalias, the island’s most famous hippy market, is a short walk away.  

    We organise, coordinate and are present at each retreat to make sure everything runs smoothly and you are well taken care of.


    Elena Ravasi is a Hatha Yoga teacher who has been practising yoga for the last 18 years. Since November 2009, she has been attending the Himalayan Yoga Teacher Training under the direct supervision of Swami Veda Bharati and joining regular retreats in India.
    She is one of the founders of IbizaYogaGetAway and the manager of beautiful Casa Shakti Ibiza.
    She is also a student and practitioner of Natural Horsemanship as a way to rehabilitate horses who have experienced physical and psychological trauma.

    In Elena’s Yoga classes, great importance is given to the preparation of the breath, relaxation techniques and meditation. This will help you to let go of any tension built up after a stressful time and to restart your life calmer, with more energy and with a clearer head.
    The physical practice together with relaxation and meditation, help stimulate your creativity, re-balance your emotional state and improve the quality of your sleep.

    Some of the morning classes will be taught by our guest teacher and Karma Yogi Franziska Einsenberg. Since experiencing her spiritual awakening on a retreat in Morocco, Franziska’s life has been shaped by yoga and meditation and passing on its magic to students.
    This summer, she was a teacher at Casa Shakti, teaching the morning yoga classes to the guests. Elena connected with Franziska’s passion and teaching style and invited her back to Ibiza as a guest teacher on this retreat.

    On the retreat, we will practice yoga morning and evening on our yoga deck which offers sweeping views over green pine tree hills and down to the shimmering sea.

    During our asana practice, we will concentrate in particular on working with the chakras. From the root chakra that connects us to the earth, allowing you to become grounded and more conscious of our own body, to the crown chakra that connects us to our higher self and divine energy – everyday we will focus on one of these energy centres to awaken our awareness and learn about the subtle levels on which they operate.

    Alongside the physical practice, we will also give importance to a number of pranayama exercises (breathing practices), learning the different techniques in order to understand them deeply and experience a state of spontaneous inner silence.

    Physically you will gain strength, flexibility and relaxation, mentally your mind will become clearer and more peaceful and psychologically you will become more aware and gain insight into yourself.


      What’s included:

      • 6 nights’ accommodation
        You will be staying in a beautiful, authentic 17th century Ibiza farmhouse nettled in the hills, with sweeping views over green valleys and down to the glistening sea.

      • 12 yoga classes of asanas, pranayama, relaxation techniques and yoga nidra

      • Brunch and dinner
        A plentiful brunch and dinner will be prepared fresh for you each day using locally sourced, quality produce.

      • Complimentary full body massage with one of our in-house therapists 

      What’s not included:

      • Flights and transfers 
        We thoroughly recommend renting a car for part of your stay to explore and discover the island. Public services are poo and fairly limited and a large number of beaches and towns cannot be reached by bus.


      • Shared room with single beds and shared bathroom €990 (price per person)
      • Private room with double beds and shared bathroom €1330 (price per person)

      Please email us for prices and availability:

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